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Stump grinder Dosko 200-6H

02517 Strong and compact Stump grinder Dosko 200-6H

The grinder mills and shatters without any problems and in no time the remaining tree-stump, 25 cm above ground level and 23 cm underneath surface.


A unique feature is the lever that can be folded down which allows you to carry the machine in a SUV, a little truck or a van.

The stump grinder is equipped with a 3-in-1 set of cutters from Leonardi. This system allows you to turn the knives 120 after use, so that you will be able to work again with sharpened cutters.

Technical specifications

91L x 58B x 58H (folded)
142L x 58B x 114H (operational)
Capacity: from 25 cm overground until 23 cm undergrounds.
Motor: Honda GX200UTQX2, 200 cc (6 hp)
Weight: 61 kg
Cutterwheel: 27 - density 1,27 cm

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Dosko 200-6H Compact
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