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Optimax Blower LB390H, Honda GX390 (Push model) New!

04380 Enormous blowing power

Powerful, 7-blade fan with reverse-angled all-steel impeller for powerful air flow. The machine has an all-steel housing and is welded around, which makes the machine almost indestructible.
The air valve can be adjusted with the handle.


Split-stream air deflector moves leaves and debris farther and faster; without blow-back.
Large low discharge chute features integrated front/side discharge.
Transport bracket and lift handle.

Technical specifications

Enigne: Honda GX390
Air Volume: 72 m/min
Air speed: 257 km/u
Front tire: 25,4 cm Pneum w tube
Rear tires: 30.48 cm w tube
Weight: 76 kg
Warranty: 5 year commercial/rental

  • Dimensions:

    109 x 72 x 148 cm
  • Item no.:

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