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Mole destructor

02884 Mole destructor

A Mobile unit ready to use on lawns, in gardens, orchards, vineyards and landscaping gardening.


*6.5 hp BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-stroke engine with centrifugal lubrification
*Easy operation
*Manual reversing starter
*Big reservoir for additional combustion
*After burning device for additional combustion tank
*Iron rod to probe the mice pipes
*Flexible hose with cap for large operating range
*Properly proportioned, robust and safe standing construction
*Big running wheel with nonslip cleats
*High quality materials and powder coating
*Handlebars with good grip that are retractable for transport

The mole destructor generates a strongly compressed exhaust gas that lames moles in their underground tunnels and kills them shortly. If raptors, foxes, dogs, cats etc. track the dead moles later, or even eat them, they will not be harmed. (In contrast, in case of use of toxic baits, a secondary intoxication could occur).
The well-balanced technique with pressure compensation control provides a constant gas production and ensures an optimal effect in all mole burrows. The mole destructor is effective and reliable!

Technical specifications

Motor power: 6,5 PS/4,8 kW
Tank capacity: 3,8 L
Tank capacity additional combustion: 10 L
Weight: 37 kg

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Mole destructor
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