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Hydraulic tiller Barreto 1620B


All hydraulic heavy duty tiller. Easy to operate with only 2 levers, the tine drive lever and the wheel drive lever. Wheels and tines work independently of each other, allowing the wheels to travel at variable speed while the engine and tines remain at full speed. Operates forwards and backwards.


Hydraulic sytem with bypass.
No risk of blocking the tines.
Tines are hard-faced.
Height-adjustable operating lever.

No mechanical drive.
Easy to operate, only 2 levers.
A heavy duty dirt shield prevents wire, string and dirt from damaging the hydraulic tine motor seal.
Revolution and hour counter.
Depth regulation.
The tines stop when driving backwards.

Technical specifications

Petrol engine: B&S Vanguard 16 HP - 2 cylinder
Working width: 51 cm
Weight: 252 kg
Including lifting bracket

  • Dimensions:

    198 x 69 x 112 cm
  • Item no.:

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