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Tracked trencher Barreto E1330STKH-4MS

04358 Compact and stable trencher 75 cm / 30"

With its compact size and weight of 1,085 pounds, the STK track trencher has the same key features as our larger track trenchers. The innovative new track system and compact frame design provide both stability and maneuverability.
A hydraulic cooler with incorporated fan keeps the oil temperatures regulated. Electric start is standard on all models. Efficient and functional, the STK is the perfect addition to any trencher fleet.


The STK features our Adjustable Trenching Controls (ATC) that use rod linkage instead of cables. The ATC can be positioned to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go. By utilizing the individual track controls, the operator has the ability to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain.

In keeping with the Barreto standard, the STK trencher is low maintenance and reliable in the most difficult conditions. The independent floating track system utilizes independent undercarriage idlers that move in response to the terrain. This design keeps a significant portion of the track in contact with the terrain at all times, reducing ground pressure and increasing traction.

Technical specifications

Motor: Honda 13HP GX390
Weight: 480 kg
Track Width: 18 cm
Total Ground Contact: 262 sq. in./ 1690 cmē
Hydraulic Reservoir: 7,3 gallons /33,2 L
Ground Drive Forward: 210 ft/min = 64 m/min
Ground Drive Reverse: 100 ft/min = 30 m/min

  • Dimensions:

    213 x 85 x 134 cm
  • Item no.:

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