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Tracked trencher Barreto 2036RTK-4MS

03395 Track trencher with platform

The track trencher enables you to dig trenches of 15 cm length and up to 90 cm depth for the installation of cables, gaslines etc.


The RTK features unique fine-tuning control adjustment that uses rod linkage instead of cables. The new Adjustable Trenching Control (ATC) can be positioned to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go. By utilizing the individual track controls, the operator has the ability to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain.

The RTK features a weight advantage that improves traction, reduces impact on the operator and provides stability.

The simple steering, large tracks and size of this trencher make the operator’s job simple. With accessible yet protected components, maintenance costs are minimal.

Technical specifications

Motor: Honda 20 CV
Weight: 770 kg
Trench depth: 0-91 cm (option 120 cm)
Trench width: 10 (option 15 cm)
Speed: forward max. 3,9 km/h
Speed: reverse max. 1,65 km/h
Total length: 90 cm

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