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Mobile Mini Screener

3 sieve grates included 10 - 20 and 30 mm

The mini screener is perfect for little till middle-sized screenings in little places, like city gardens, but also for many other applications or building areas. It can also be used in combination with a mini digger, wheel loader, mini dumper or conveyor.


The screener is mobile and can easily be displaced due to the pivoting wheels or the lifting eyes which keep the machine in balance. The opening of mesh of the nets variates from 1 till 80 mm in order that the machine can be used for screening a big number of materials (compost, soil, sand, wood shaving, biomass,...).

Technical specifications

Weight: 210 kg
Surface of the screen: 183 x 90 cm
Angle of the screen: adjustable
Opening of mesh nets: 1 till 80 mm
Engine: silent tremble motor 230 V
Power: 0,52 kW

  • Dimensions:

    231 x 130 x 168 cm
  • Item no.:

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